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Episode 9: The Exciting Advance Reservation Event

This time, we'll talk about a "reservation event" that was held at one of our retailers.

The other day, an event was held where customers could see the DOMELLE 2024SS collection ahead of time, and the director and I participated as store staff on the first day only. Since we are a wholesale brand without a physical store, we don't have the opportunity to meet and talk with customers face to face, so it was a rare and valuable experience.

This is the second time that this retailer has held a "reservation event" following DOMELLE's debut in AW 2023. However, this year, although people are preparing for winter, the warm weather continues for a long time, and it is still a while before people can wear down jackets in Tokyo. To be honest, I was worried about how many customers would come to see clothes for spring and summer, which is just beyond the winter that has yet to arrive.

But those worries turned out to be unfounded .

A customer who has already purchased DOMELLE since the debut season and loved the comfort of the pants said, "I've already become a repeat customer." As soon as he tried on the 2024SS pants, he exclaimed in surprise, "What is this comfort?" That's right, these pants are made with the brand's attention to detail, incorporating details that thoroughly pursue a three-dimensional look and comfort with the DOMELLE generation in mind. I'll save the secret of these pants for another time, but I was very happy to be able to directly feel the joy of knowing that this attention to detail is being conveyed to customers.

A customer who tried on a dress said, "After all, a dress like this needs pockets!" That's right. Our director always tries to add pockets to dresses, no matter what the design, because he feels inconvenienced if there are no pockets.

When making clothes, it is important to imagine the daily life of the person who will wear them. I sometimes try on the clothes and sit down, or walk outside and feel the wind blowing in them.

Even with the toile check that I introduced in the previous article, I often come across situations where I have to find a balance between "design and comfort" or "design and functionality."

"I need a pocket, but the design doesn't allow for one."

"The design requires the neck area to be small, but if the neck area is made small using this material, it will be difficult to put on and take off."

This kind of thing happens frequently.

Designing is difficult.

I'm going off topic for a moment, but the other day I had the chance to touch a famous bag from a famous overseas brand, and the moment I picked it up I was surprised at how heavy it was. It was so heavy that I wondered if it even had a 14-inch MacBook inside. I couldn't help but look inside the bag, which was supposed to be empty. The material was excellent, the design was top-notch, and it was a very popular bag that has been highly praised worldwide, but it didn't fit my values, and even though it was ranked high on my "wish list," it was quickly removed from the list.

When it comes to clothing, everyone has their own values, tastes, and preferences, and there are so many different ages and body types, so there may not be a right answer. There may not be any clothes that will get 100 points from everyone.

That's why I think it's important to reflect the brand's policy or values firmly in the design, and my biggest challenge is how to communicate this to customers through our retailers and ensure their understanding. At this "reservation event," I was really happy to be able to meet customers who share the same values as me. Seeing the faces of our customers as they enjoy choosing clothes is also a source of inspiration for us in making clothes.

Well, next week is the long-awaited Christmas.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening.


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