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Episode 7: A little impatient story

It's mid-November and we're finally starting to feel chilly. Just the other day, I often saw people wearing short sleeves, but it's suddenly gotten colder, especially in the mornings and evenings. When does "autumn, when the heat has subsided" come?

Despite this, the DOMELLE 2024 SPRING & SUMMER collection will be released as early as next week. The market is still in the midst of selling the 2023 Fall/Winter collection, and the sales floor usually changes to the 2024 Spring/Summer collection in late January to early February, so most people would think, "What? We're talking about Spring/Summer already?" or "I'm planning to go buy a coat for winter next weekend." It's true that it's a little early, but since some stores are planning to hold early reservation events in early December, we have been planning to release the collection next week. The planning for the 2024SS collection started in late February this year, and personally I feel that it's finally, finally, finally time to show it to everyone, and I'm very happy.

Although we will release the collection early, we plan to start shipping to retailers from the latter half of January next year. The sales start date will vary depending on the retailer, so please contact the retailer who will announce the date at the same time as the collection is released.

Well, the 2024SS collection was inspired by "a canary soaring from a lush meadow into the sky." I know it's just because I'm impatient, but this time I'd like to give a sneak peek at some of the collection to everyone who has come to visit my blog!

Let's start with an item that symbolizes this season's theme.

A slightly casual and new combination jacket that combines vibrant canary yellow tweed and natural off-white linen. It is tweed from "MALHIA KENT" that we introduced in episode 6, "The Magic of MALHIA KENT"! When I first saw this fabric, I thought "It must have been made for DOMELLE!" It was so perfect for this theme that I thought the director muttered "A canary flew to me"...or so it seemed to me.

The taffeta series is so light that it seems as if it would fly away with even a gentle breeze, yet is voluminous.

The hem of the dress is 5 meters. To give an example of "5 meters," it is said that it is about 5 meters from the ground to the ceiling of the second floor of a house. It's a little hard to understand, but that's how much fabric is used.

This is a trench coat that can be worn in all sorts of ways and is sure to be a hit. The four parts - the hood, vest, bolero, and chin flap - are removable, and each part is fastened together with small dot buttons. Personally, I recommend the Machiko wrap style, as shown in this photo.

This incredibly cute blouse is made of triacetate polyester chiffon, and is incredibly light and fluffy. It was so cute that, although it usually takes about 10 minutes to shoot one look, it took more than an hour to shoot this blouse. It is such a cute and adorable item.

This collection is inspired by the image of "flapping wings" and DOMELLE's particular attention to detail is incorporated into every corner of the items, so we hope you will take a good look and appreciate their beauty.

The full 2024 SPRING & SUMMER lineup can be seen on the brand's official website and Instagram below.

Please look forward to it. DOMELLE Official Website DOMELLE Official Instagram


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