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Episode 6: The Magic of MALHIA KENT

This time we'll be talking about MALHIA KENT.

It is pronounced "Maria Kent". It's not Malhia, but I remember it as Malhia and try not to get the spelling wrong. Anyway, MALHIA KENT is a fabric manufacturer born in France, and is loved by famous fashion houses. The highly acclaimed tweed and jacquard of DOMELLE are also made with MALHIA KENT fabrics. (The relationship between MALHIA KENT and DOMELLE is actually deep, but I'll save that for another time as it will take too long to explain.)

The other day, as it started to get colder, I decided to wear a MALHIA KENT coat that I had been wanting to wear for a long time. I usually tend to choose casual clothes, but this year I decided to take on a new challenge and chose a sophisticated and elegant MALHIA KENT coat. When I put it on and went outside, I noticed that I was standing up straighter than usual, which may have been because I was a bit nervous.

I'm pretty sure, no doubt, that I was about 5cm taller that day.

Usually, when I try to be more elegant in my manners, I end up exhausted afterwards, but this time, my fingertips were more precise than usual, and when I sat down on the train, my legs naturally closed together, and before I knew it, all of my mannerisms had unconsciously become more elegant. I even felt like everyone was looking at me. What was even more strange was that, even though I felt nervous, perhaps because of MALHIA KENT's overflowing sense of playfulness, I didn't feel any stiffness at all. I think this must be the magic of MALHIA KENT.


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