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Episode 5: Hidden Features

This time, we'll talk about the functionality of clothing.

When we think of the "function" of clothing, we think of things like breathability and quick-drying, but this time I'd like to talk about the "functions" I discovered in DOMELLE clothes.

For me, having short hair has been the standard since I was little, but after I turned 20, I resisted the urge to cut my hair because I thought it would make me look young, and continued to let it grow. Of course, it's hot in the summer, and it takes a long time to dry, and there were many times when someone special would say to me, "Short hair would look good on you," and I would waver and think, "Maybe I should cut my hair." Even so, I would pull myself together each time (because I didn't want to look young), and maintain my hair with a strong determination to, "I'm going to grow it down to my waist like that actress!"

One day, when I went to lunch with Sasha, who is also a model for DOMELLE, I saw her wearing a red high-necked knit from DOMELLE and I was mesmerized, thinking, "It's so nice. I wish I could wear a high-necked knit too." Sitting at a table by the window in a cafe where the soft sunlight was shining in and looking at the menu, she looked slender and calm, but somehow she looked like a woman with a strong core. So I immediately tried on a sample of a high-necked knit in the office. But something was different. It didn't suit my balance, and in one word, it was "chunky." I wondered if such a nice knit didn't suit me. When I thought about how to wear it, the idea that came to mind was, yes, to cut my hair. Sasha also has short hair. That's right, I'll cut my hair! I thought that if I cut it short, I would be able to wear this high-necked knit neatly. They say that the best time to do something is when the idea strikes you. That day, on my way home from work, I immediately cut off the long hair that I had been growing so carefully. I might change my mind again after a few days if I make an appointment. This knitwear made me want to cut my long hair that I had been growing so carefully. It was no ordinary item . The next day, I put it on and looked timidly in the mirror, and thought, "Isn't this great? Where on earth did that chubby guy go?" Just between you and me, I think high-necked knitwear suits me better than Sasha does now. After wavering for a long time, the DOMELLE high-necked knitwear made me make the big decision to cut my hair. Of course, it's not stated anywhere that this knitwear has such a function, but it's one of the great features I discovered in this knitwear.

Finding clothes that suit you is fun, but I feel like I've discovered a new way to enjoy it: having clothes help you become a new you.


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