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Episode 2 "Chaos"

The other day, the wholesale exhibition for DOMELLE's second season, 2024SS (Spring/Summer 2024), was successfully completed. As a wholesale brand, an exhibition is a big event that takes place once every six months, but I will save that for another time.

This time, we'll talk about "DOMELLE after the exhibition."

Currently, DOMELLE's 2023AW (Autumn/Winter 2023) has just started in each store. DOMELLE will post 2023AW image images on social media and will work with each store as a brand to disseminate information.

However, the production team will begin production of the 2024SS items ordered at the recent wholesale exhibition, and the planning team will begin planning for 2024AW.

In other words, from now on, DOMELLE will have three seasons running simultaneously: 2023AW, 2024SS, and 2024AW. In six months, there will be three seasons: 2024SS, 2024AW, and 2025SS.

It's chaotic and sometimes my mind freezes, but I thoroughly enjoy working in this stressful job every day, as I have to ensure the quality remains high.


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