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BLOG Vol.14


Last weekend was extremely hot, with temperatures exceeding 40°C in some places. How was everyone?

The director is on a business trip to Paris to work on his next project.

The planning team is busy preparing for the upload of samples for Season 4, the 2025SS collection, while I am busy preparing for the shipment of Season 3, 2024AW, and the exhibition for Season 4, 2025SS.

DOMELLE's Season 3 2024 AW collection will soon be available on the market, but this time they have actually produced a PHOTOBOOK as a new initiative!

Nowadays, with social media becoming mainstream, we are in an age where almost all information can be obtained with just a smartphone, and printed materials that you can actually hold in your hands and look at, such as Photobooks, are almost never seen anymore.

Usually, I only spend about 0.3 to 0.5 seconds looking at each photo that is flooding my social media feed.

What do you think? What's more, it's not just clothes, but also cosmetics, food, accessories, and many other photos mixed together. I feel like I'm just looking at it as "information."

The other day, I went to a photo exhibition held as a retrospective of a famous street photographer, and it made me think that "photos are better in print after all." I feel like I had forgotten for a while how to look closely at a single photograph and think about the texture and scenery of the subject depicted in it.

It's certainly convenient to be able to easily view large amounts of images via the internet. But while I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm a "print supremacist," I still feel that digital images are a little dull when compared to the texture of photographs printed on paper. Is this just me?

As we are a wholesaler without a physical store, it is difficult for us to have contact with people.


We wondered if there was anything else we could do to make the DOMELLE brand known to a wider range of generations and to increase the number of DOMELLE fans (DOMELLERs), and we came up with the idea of creating a PHOTOBOOK as a new way to express the brand's worldview.

Of course, it's not for sale, but purely as a promotional item.

I apologize for sounding a bit self-promoting, but what I thought when actually making printed materials was that the size of the photos gives them a completely different impact than the tiny digital images you see on a smartphone.

The scenery and mood are further enhanced by the texture of the paper and the way the ink is applied. Personally, I love the smell of the ink that hits me every time I turn the page.

Once we decided to produce this photobook, we had many discussions with the printer.

We took into consideration not only the director's thoughts about the clothes, but also the photographer who actually took the visuals' ideas of how he wanted them to look, and we paid particular attention to everything from the material of the paper to the font and size of the text, and the size and layout of the photos.

It was really funny that even the person in charge at the printing company was excited about it.

As a result, even though it is our first publication, I think it is a book that is quite full of the brand's unique character.

I hope that through this photobook, more people will come to know and appreciate DOMELLE.

Products will be shipped to our business partners at the end of July, and 2024AW products will be available in stores from early August at the earliest. You may be able to see this PHOTOBOOK at retail stores that carry DOMELLE.

If you find it, I would be delighted if you would pick it up and look at it carefully rather than just flipping through it.

Also, some of you may have already seen it,

All looks from the 2024AW collection are currently available on this website and on Instagram (@domelle_lookbook).

This is a digital image, but please take a look.


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