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Episode 1: "I'm starting a blog."

Thanks to you, DOMELLE has finally started to be sold in various stores. The project started in September last year, and with the support of so many people up until today, we have finally made our debut without any problems. I am filled with gratitude. I thought it would be a good time to start a blog. You may be wondering, "Why is DOMELLE, a wholesale brand, starting a blog?"

It is true that DOMELLE is a wholesale brand. We plan, design, and produce each season, and deliver the products to our retailers, who are our important business partners and sales partners, and then these retailers sell DOMELLE to the general public in their stores.

Don't you think there's something missing?

That's right, DOMELLE has no point of contact with the public. In fact, some people have suggested that we open a store instead, but we decided to focus on manufacturing and leave sales to the professionals.

But I want everyone to know a little bit about DOMELLE apart from clothes. So I'm going to update my blog a little at a time, even if it's irregular. I don't want to make excuses right away, but I'm not an expert at writing, so my writing may not be good, but I'll try my best to improve little by little, so I hope you'll continue to support me.


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